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Jeremy began his love and appreciation for art at an early age. Bearing the creative lineage of his father, offering a wide range of mixed media, and creating original themes upon anything form classical fairy tales to the deepest corners of ones nightmares, Jeremy surely has a talent and shows us that the light can be discovered even in the darkest of shadows.

Highlighting the unusual in the every day, his creations are definitely one of a kind.

My Medium

"I use many different mediums, such as acrylics, pens, prisma-color markers, and gelly roll pens to name a few... I typically begin my lines using a light blue prisma-color or mechanical drafting pencil."

My Inspiration

"My inspiration comes from all over the board from my imagination, dreams, etc... but my main focal points have always been the eyes. The eyes are usually the basis for the rest of the image. I always leave the eyes to be completed towards the end so I can capture the complete feel for the image and express the emotions in the main character in the best ways."

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